Fat-Free Mixed Berry Dessert

2013-07-10 21.02.58

Hi there! In the middle of summertime, a light yet equally delicious dessert is wonderful to finish off a nice meal at the end of the day. Of course, you could also have this delectable pudding after lunch but whenever you decide to have it, I have a few tips to share…

Firstly, why is this fat-free? Well, I researched many summer desserts and whilst the majority calls for berries and other fruits (which is great) it also asks for  double cream (not so good). Therefore, I thought about mixing it up a little and experimenting. I found non fat Greek yogurt to be the answer. Simple mix in some honey for sweetness and you have the perfect base to start off your dessert!

Next, I like to have a mixture of berries not only for presentation but for depth of flavour. I like to soak my berries in a little balsamic vinegar and some granulated sugar for a few hours beforehand but if pressed for time, you could soak it for a minimum of 20 minutes beforehand.

Finally, my favourite part is the crunch! Yes, of course the finishing touch is the most important for texture and flavour as you get that little bit of saltines from the biscuit to counteract the sweetness of the Greek yogurt and berries. I used ginger nut and oat biscuits but of course you could always add different variations too, it all depends on your taste and what you have at hand. Remember, this is a delicate dessert, so please do not overload on the toppings or any of the other components as you will find it far too heavy to eat.

Happy Baking!





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