Dark Chocolate and Valencia Orange cupcakes



Happy Friday to all! To finish off the week, I wanted to bake a treat but not pile on the calories. So with that in mind I decided to go for my dark chocolate and orange mini cupcakes. Although portion size is compromised here, the flavour is certainly not! It is well known that milk chocolate and orange perfectly marry together, but I thought about taking it up a level and saving on some calories by opting for dark chocolate instead. The result? Tasty and rich but the orange juice and zest cut through the chocolate to uplift the taste and not make it too heavy in texture. A perfect little bite!

You could of course make them normal size but I would in that case suggest to add less chocolate and more orange to balance out the flavour and texture. I hope you enjoy these flavours and experiment with the different sizes and flavours. This cupcake afterall is all about these two elements I feel!


Happy baking!







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