Persian Cupcakes



Hi! Ok so my sweet tooth betrayed me somewhat with this cupcake, but again as I keep mentioning, they really are low in fat but not low in taste! If you would like to impress someone or simply indulge in your spices and nuts, then give this a go! Middle Eastern food is so mouth-watering but I often find it packed with fat, so this is my spin.

You simply need to have a basic vanilla cupcake base and just add:

2 tablespoons of finely ground cardoman seeds (small and black in apperance)

a handful of crushed pistachios

3-4 tablespoons of honey.


I simply mixed in the crushed cardoman and pistachios in the batter. Note: DO NOT OVERBEAT! Then simply bake and once cooled….dizzle some honey on top and garnish with whole pistachios!





Happy Baking!





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