Cinnamon and Raisin Cupcakes



Hello my dear readers, I hope you are all well and enjoying Autumn as much as I am! Well, in line with this season, I have been exposing myself to all things which are sweet and spice. I was tempted one day to purchase a cinnamon danish but I resisted. So, I came home (a little sad I must say from not eating the danish) and thought of ways I could include the delicious aromas and flavours of cinnamon and icing. This is what I came up with:



Of course, I remained true to myself and put a healthy twist on it. Instead of slathering the cupcake in icing, I adopted a naturally sweet flavour without all of those calories: Raisins! Incidentally, they are great with cinnamon, so win-win there.

If you would like to try these cupcakes, I strongly suggest you buy organic raisins and good quality cinnamon otherwise do not waste your time to create these. It is worth the effort and once your try them, you will wonder what you were doing with that danish in your hand the other week!

Happy Baking!




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