Niki’s Pumpkin Seed and Cranberry Bars


Hello dear readers, fancy a light yet utterly moorish treat? Thought that would be a yes! My Pumpkin seed and Cranberry bars are packed full of vitamins and goodness to keep you going through the tough short day-long night routine we are mostly faced with at this time of year. It is very important to have about half a cup of pumpkin seeds which are NOT salted or toasted and dried cranberries NOT fresh. Whilst you are baking a normal sponge cake recipe, you can just simply fold in these two food items and scatter some on top before baking. it should hopefully look like this:


But wait a second, we are certainly not finished yet! Lastly, I make a simple honey and brown sugar reduction to brush on top and add extra pumpkin seeds and cranberries. Simple! Minimal input for maximum effect, what is not to love with that combination?


….and here is a close up, just to tempt you some more!


Happy Baking!



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