Niki’s Cinnamon Christmas Cookies


Ho Ho Ho everybody!! 
How are the festivities treating you all? I hope your days are spent near a fire, wrapping presents, relaxing…yes…we all know that such Christmas activities require time and that is something we just don’t seem to have these days.
However, my simple and fast Cinnamon Christmas Cookies are a sure way to make you feel festive without feeling that you have to stop time just to make them. 
Simply, find your basic plain cookie recipe and add cinnamon! Yes, it’s a simple as that! I really find that, with these type of cookies, you can be as versatile as you like…add cinnamon, add orange essence, lemon essence…the list goes on! Of course not all at the same time, now that would be festivity overload! 
As you can see, you can be as adventurous as you like with the decorations and it’s such a lovely present to give away, well, if there’s any left over that is! 
Happy Baking!

10 thoughts on “Niki’s Cinnamon Christmas Cookies

  1. Looking yummy we cheated his year as. Leaning a new house moving in and with a 4 year old in toe is not easy especially when daddy is working away this week 😦 so we decorated ginger bread houses and then jake managed to eat some of both when I was not looking so both have collapse before I could take photos tee hee xx

    • Awwww! I’m so happy that you are enjoying yourselves despite the hectic lifestyle you have at the moment…don’t worry you’ll find your routine soon! Yay gingerbread houses!! Sounds delish xxx

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