Niki’s Shard Cupcakes

2013-12-26 20.59.30

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas my dear friends and enjoyed some great food! 
Now the New Year is here and perhaps you’re hosting a party (another one!) or you’re having a more low key event…either way, my shard cupcakes are so spectacular and bursting with flavour. This sweet treat of mine again requires very little effort but as I’m sure you would agree, is very aesthetically pleasing!  
2013-12-26 21.10.58
Simply, bake your regular chocolate cupcakes, the key is still going for lightness, so in order for you to create your spectacular topping, make your base with a little less sugar. 
Next, whip up some cream and be generous when frosting the top. Now my favourite part…the shards! You would not believe how utterly easy it is to create this effect. All you need to do is melt white and dark chocolate and spread on greaseproof paper to set as a sheet. Then smash away! This creates a shard effect which you can then spike the top of your cupcakes with. Easy and quick!
2013-12-26 20.57.19
Happy 2014 and…
Happy Baking!

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