Niki’s Mediterranean Herb Slice


Happy 2014 my dear dear readers!!

Yes…Can you believe we are actually in 2014? I must admit It does not feel like it to me…but alas, a new year, fresh start, a time to gain new perspectives and of course this means new dishes to try and enjoy.

My mediterranean Herb Slices are a delicious snack/ light lunch to kick start the year…full of goodness and taste, this meat free option is a great way to have your five a day in terms of vegetables and herbs.

Simply, you need to first buy a wide range of herbs and leafy green vegetables…I go for leeks, parsley, corriander, spring onions, baby spinach etc. Finely chop all of these herbs and veggies and wash thoroughly. Pat dry and place in an extra large bowl, season and add two tablespoons of flour. Next add three eggs and whisk until your arm feels like it will fall off (yes, really!). Shallow fry (I use a little olive oil) and pat dry with paper towels once cooked through. This should take about 15 minutes on each side and the texture should be cripsy on the outside and soft/moist on the inside.


Thus, as you can see, this very simple yet deeply delicious slice is a winner for all, from the mothers who wish to impart vitamins and veggies onto their children to the young adult who would like to try something different.

My dear friends, I hope 2014 is the year for you and I am looking forward to all of the posts I will create and share with you.

Happy Baking and Happy 2014!



4 thoughts on “Niki’s Mediterranean Herb Slice

  1. This sounds great…Iit reminds me of a Mediterranean olive bread I used to make, but have since lost the recipe for! I’m sure this would be equally great πŸ™‚ All the best for 2014 to you too – Niki x

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