Niki’s Bean and Pepper Stew


Howdy my dear readers!

Been a while since I posted, I suppose you could say I was facing a bit of a writer’s block. I found it a little challenging to post something of substance since my work load has been increasing fast. Nonetheless, I am pleased to promote my latest entry to you all, my bean and pepper stew!

Now I know what you are thinking here…Stew. Yes, stew is not the most attractive word when it comes to cooking as it can evoke some bad memories for us but I promise you, my take on it is sure to leave you smiling and satisfied. Recently, a friend of mine showed me the importance of a smile and I hope to bestow that onto my readers as you hopefully try my Stew.

All you need is a can of beans (drained), 2 bell peppers cut into strips, 2 fresh tomatoes chopped, parsley, 1 onion chopped, 2 cloves of garlic, seasoning and 3 mushrooms chopped finely. Simply heat your oil over medium high and fry the onions and vegetables until golden brown. Add in the beans and season well otherwise it will be a bland stew. Mix until you are happy with the seasoning and add your chopped tomatoes and a little water to cover the top. Simmer for 30 minutes minimum or 1-2 hours (the longer the better) and it is ready to serve with some rice or crusty bread!

Yummy indeed and no bad stew in sight, score!

Happy Baking!



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