Niki’s Tasty Chicken with Aubergines



Hello there!

Oh what was that?…Yes…It has been FAR too long since my last entry…I do apologize profusely but my only excuse was time. I think time is the all time (excuse the pun!) enemy which no-one can ever really beat. However, I finally did triumph and thus here is my new entry, my tasty chicken with aubergines!



As usual, I am sticking with my healthy cooking principles and I begin with my number one tip: Please do NOT fry your aubergines beforehand! I always dry fry my aubergines once I have sliced them length ways. I promise you, there is really no compromise on taste and you will feel so much better that you decided to opt for the healthy option.

All you simply need to do is lightly fry one medium onion in a shallow pan. I only use one teaspoon of olive oil and it works perfectly well. Fry until lightly golden and then add your chicken…I always use breast and cut it up into smaller bitsesize pieces….season and add two cloves of chopped garlic (please use even if on a date!) all the while on a medium heat. Once the chicken has cooked through, add a teaspoon of tomato paste and fry it out with some cumin seeds and turmeric powder.


Finally, add 1/4 cup of water and slice two medium tomatoes. Place them on top of your dish, turn the heat down once at simmer point and lightly place the aubergines on top of the dish with a final sprinkling of coriander and paprika.

Your dish will be ready after an hour…perfection if you serve it with rice or some nice farmhouse bread.



Niki xxx

Dedicated to you, Yas. Thank you.


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