Niki’s Moroccan Bulgur

ABulgur (2)


Hello there!

Fancy a little something different for your weekend lunch? Take a trip with me to exotic Morocco where you can find simple yet utterly spectacular sights and smells. My bulgur is similar to that of couscous but it has more health benefits and actually cooks quicker. You can find it in most supermarkets nowadays and it is not expensive at all! So how do you make it?….Lets go!

The main aromas of Morocco include fresh herbs and cumin, thus, I decided to add freshly chopped parsley and mint to my bulgur along with crushed cumin seeds which I roasted and lots of chili because I like it spicy! (You don’t have to of course!)

After you have prepared your bulgur according to your packet instructions you then just need to add your spices such as tumeric, salt, pepper and chopped herbs, fluff up the bulgur and serve warm. I also added a splash of olive oil to give it richness of flavour.

Enjoy the sun and exotic food!


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