Niki’s Mexican Rice


Hola! ¿Que onda??

yes my dear readers, let us head to the wonderful, colourful and passionate Mexico! Recently, my appreciation for Mexican cuisine has shot through the roof. Consisting of fresh produce and minimal cooking time, it is just tooo tasty to resist. My Mexican dish came about as a bit of an accident as I had some leftover rice and a few odd vegetables. I did some research and here we are now. My rice is not only super quick but it is the sort of dish you just want to keep on eating…forget portion control, we are in low calorie territory! I know you are all screaming for joy…so am I. How to cook? You know the drill….eyes open….

First of all I would like to mention that if you do not have any leftover rice, then by all means use fresh but please please try to use brown rice, it really does make all the difference here. In a separate pan, dry fry some whole cumin seeds (a quintessentially Mexican spice) with a scant teaspoon of chilli flakes. Next, add about 2 tbsp of sweetcorn, peas, cubed carrots and finely chopped red pepper and garlic. On a medium high heat swirl this around in the pan and season well. The next (and last!) step is to simply fold the delicious jewel like ingredients into your already warmed through rice. After two minutes, serve and enjoy immediately!!
Hablemos! Hablemos!




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