Niki’s Turkey Meatballs


Hey all!
Question: Do you love meatballs? Second Question: Do you love the calories and heaviness of red meatballs? Well if like me you love a good meatball then look no further! My amazing (yes, really…no room for being humble on here!) turkey meatballs are so fulfilling and light, you will not notice how you managed to eat so many.
First of all, I know what you are thinking: Turkey? Really?…YES! The best part about my spin on the classic dish is that my meatball is succulent and very very juicy. No room for dry and bland meatballs here I can assure you. I used 7% lean Turkey mince as my base and cooked them over a very low heat, which is the key, a low heat everyone. Also, I strongly suggest you use a good quality olive oil for this all time favourite as well as fresh cherry tomatoes for your sauce. Trust me, you will love this dish. Perfect for the Autumn months!


Happy Baking!



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