Niki’s Roasted Pumpkin Soup


Howdy all!

Yes, my favourite season has arrived! I absolutely adore Autumn…the crunchy auburn and golden leaves, the mild evenings, stunning sunsets and the food…oh the yummy food! My earliest memory of this season is sitting in assembly in primary school whilst my principal was talking about the harvest season and how important it is. Of course, I didn’t appreciate what he was saying back then, but I sure do now. We are very fortunate to have so much choice when it comes to fresh Autumnal produce so of course I wanted to share with you my spin on the all time classic, pumpkin soup!
As usual this is all about swift preparation for easy and fuss free cooking, so please make sure your pumpkin has been washed, deseeded and cut into medium chunks ready for your hot oven. All it takes is some roasted pumpkin which needs to be blitzed with seasoning (be generous!), minced garlic, ground coriander, ground cumin and one red deseeded chilli.

Meanwhile, in a separate pot, heat some olive oil and 1 chopped onion, soften over a medium heat. Add your roasted pumpkin puree to the pot and turn the heat up until warmed through thoroughly. Finally, add two cups of vegetable or chicken stock, garnish with chopped coriander and simmer for about 30 minutes before serving. I like to have my soup with some toasted pita bread.
Happy Baking!

*************For Varun**************



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