Niki’s Persian Salad

aubergine salad nikibakes

Hello everyone!
Are you craving comfort food right now? Those soft and fluffy jacket potatoes? Toasties, pasta, rice….? Of course, it is totally normal and acceptable for this time of year to crave something a little more substantial, that little bit of luxury…but do you want all the weight that comes with it? My hearty Persian salad is excellent in both the comfort and nutritional factor and when served warm, it will knock your socks right off! It couldn’t be more straightforward but the taste it sublime!
Simply grill one aubergine (sliced thinly) and set aside. Prepare your couscous to the packet instructions and also set aside. Chop up a few (not more than 3!) gherkins thinly along with some finely sliced red onion. You are now ready to assemble your Persian salad! I like to layer the aubergine and gherkins alternatively with my couscous with seasoning and even add some extras such as sweet corn and some black olives if I fancy some extra comfort. You will not even notice the absence of cheese or a creamy salad dressing since this salad is so hearty and flavoursome.

I hope I’ve showed you that there’s no need to pile on the carbs and fat for a comforting dish. With just a few health conscious decisions and some creativity, you can have your ‘cake’ and eat it too!

upclose aub nikibakes

Happy Baking!



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